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New Beginnings

January 12, 2015

2014 was a year of new beginnings as I started taking my photography to a new level with actual clients booking me! While I still have loads of learning and growing to do I was determined to try some new things with my photography and I kicked that off with my first newborn session. I packed every prop, backdrop and piece of equipment I own into my car, drove to the new parents home and spent over 3 exhausting hours shooting and pretending like I knew exactly what I was doing. I was rewarded with this beautiful moment which pretty much sums up 2014 for me as the new parents gaze at their little bundle of joy, about to embark on what is sure to be a wild, unexpected & rewarding ride ahead of them! I'm along for the ride and looking forward to more growth in 2015!

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Embracing New "Firsts"

May 7, 2014

I’m celebrating several new “firsts” in this first week of May 2014! This is my first ever Blog post on my website regarding my photography endeavors. Earlier this week I finally had the opportunity to do my first newborn photography shoot, something I’ve been wanting to try for a while and it was definitely an experience!

I loaded up my car with what seemed like everything including the kitchen sink (even puppy pee pads) to do an on-site shoot with Baby Elias and his proud new first time parents. I was able to use some Christmas presents for the first time, a great portable backdrop kit to drape fabric and blankets from and a puck style bean bag for photographing newborns on. Once I arrived I determined they had a great outdoor space in front of their door that provided plenty of room to set up a mini photo studio and ample natural light.

I also finally got to use some really cute crochet hats for the first time (baby owl and koala bear) that I had ordered from an Etsy artist along with some fabulous Mongolian furs with great texture & color and faux wood flooring mats. We tried out lots of different things and baby Elias was a great first time model! It was a lot of work for baby, mom, dad and me but it was well worth it!

Here’s to trying something new for the first time!

Andrea :)


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